Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh the Horror of Bad Movies

A favorite past time of mine is to watch absolutely awful movies. I blame this nasty habit on my childhood veiwings of Mystery Science Theater 3000. My good friend and I have braved many terrible movies, often with a couple of drinks for courage in the face of poor storytelling and terrible acting.

Before he and I sat down to absorb and relish in the utter failure of these movies I was certain I had seen the worst movie ever. It was in the DVD collection released by good old MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 300) "Manos the Hands of Fate." Those of you will notice that "manos" is Spanish for "hands", so it translates to "Hands the Hands of Fate". This movie is awful, it was written directed and starred a fertilizer salesman from the Southwest, the story vaguely focuses on a family getting trapped at a strange lodge, with a strange bellman (who has the best theme music of all time), and fighting off the demonic Manos and his horde of barely dressed wives.

This movie is watchable only because of the jokes the beloved MST3K robots and human make throughout the duration. The plot is so senseless and bizarre that it will leave you laughing.

I was so certain that this was the worst movie ever. Oh how I wish I had been right!

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