Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Saga of Kat is far from over

I just got back from AnimeUSA in Crystal City and I met some amazing fan based buisness people inspired me to keep mushing on ahead. So I thought I'd start using this blog to the full of its potential. Hurray!

First off let me begin an online portfolio of my custom orders and personal cosplays.

These were a custom bulk order for the anime convention Anime Mid-Atlantic LLC.

They are a recreation of their mascot Tanuki. They were given to the voice actors, industry representatives, and other invited guests as gifts. I love them dearly and I'd like the thank smoot for lending me the first season of Battlestar Galatica to watch while I churned out all 30 of these angry little raccoon girls. :)

Made from colored polymer clay, the tails were painted on. Email me if you want to order a bulk item like this.

These were made for a friend, you may recognize them as the pikmin from the nintendo game Pikmin.

Aren't they cute?!! Made from polymer clay, with a wire aramature.

I made this for myself. I love Ghsot in the shell so much, and I wanted to test what I could do with wire armatures. I think I may remake this guy when I get some free time, since I've learned so much about building armatures since then.

I still love this little tachkoma and it always makes me smile when I see it sitting next to my computer. So cute, I wish the picture showed that the large back section actually floats off the ground. I'll make it more obviously next time :)

This was my first commission from 8thdayanime.com

Her name is Autumn and I love her character design, because of these orders I've been able to invest in some sculpting books and materials. Keep your eye on future sculpts from them since I already see so many things I can improve upon.

This is Alice from 8thdayanime.com You can see her original character design on their site. Check out hte cute little demon on her pigtail!

I need to get back to work but I'll post more in the next few weeks. Now I'm off to make christmas charms for the etsy store. As always any questions can be sent to me at dragonkuh@aol.com