Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ah, real life, so real, so life-y,

currently I'm wrestling with a number of computer viruses on my sister's computer, it's 3:40am and my computer guru has long since gone home. So it's just me, my sense of logic and the simplicity of tril by error. Oh boy are we in trouble!

I could go on about my strategy and attempts, but we've all been there, and we all realise halfway through the epic virus battle that our story is not interesting in the slightest to anyone else. So I will save you and speak on other matters while the poor computer's antivirus software runs on overdrive.

Next week I will be at Otakon, for those of you who aren't anime fans on the east coast of the US, Otakon is an anime convention that has somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 people visit every year. Basically all of Baltimore will be a playground for anime fans, dressed as their favorite characters.

I am really excited about seeing the voice actors there, one I've hung out with after another convention, one I've met before and one I've been dying to meet and talk with as she directed the english dub of my favorite anime show.

I will be wearing a costume (or cosplay) of a character from that show, imagine a bridal gown made of liliac satin draped with sashes that trail feet behind the train, and a light green wig which is 48 inches long. Oh yeah, this is one serious cosplay!

The costume is the character Harmona from the anime show Wolf's Rain. I wouldn't reccommend it for everyone as it is a serious drama with an odd morbid fantasy twist. The entire show focuses on a pack of wolves hunting for paradise that will be opened by wolves at the end of the world. The entire show is bathed in snow and everyday people are feeling something drawing closer, and the few who have read the banned book "The Book of the Moon" can see the signs for the end of time. The Wolf will seek out the Flower, a Lily white supple maiden made from lunar flowers, and the appears the wretched beast.

The first time I saw the show in bits and pieces on tv, I didn't think much of it until I saw one episode. The youngest of the pack of wolves, had spent most of the journey falling behind and generally being useless. The pack are attacked by a giant walrus as they were crossing a frozen sea, and something in the youngest wolf snapped. He charged in and latched onto the walrus's eye, and held even as the walrus shook all of the other, stronger wolves off and dragged the the young wolf through enough frozen underwater terrain that the walrus actually caused his own demise.

The change in character caught my eye, and the closer I look at this series, the more rewards it has given me. If you like to turn over shows in your mind for months after you've seen them, then this is the show for you. To say anything more would ruin it for you :)

I've rambled enough about my show, I'll post again soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Buisness tip was a fluke, the person never paid so I had to cancel the sale. So my little watermelon slices continue to receive no love. Oh well.

Things are quiet in my world right now, I'm bashing through thousands of unfinished projects that have been literally sitting around for months. Fixing seams of clothing for friends, sorting and storing seasonal goods that noone will be interested in until winter, and desperately trying to complete the commissions.

Had some friends over for a classic gaming night Sunday, and we got farther in the classical Castlevania game than we ever had before (for those nongamers, the game is for a console that came out in 1985, a true classic) and the house is obsessed with classics. My sister is playing through a 10 year old zelda game, and screaming and enjoying it as much as when we first got it.

Now I'm running back to work, just wanted to update the blog quickly!