Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First blog ever, dun dun dun!

Welcome to my brand new blog. Thunder is pounding outside and I've got polymer clay cooking downstairs. This blog is for my etsy store, but right now I'm busy creating tiny things for the craft fair I'm attending this weekend.

Right now I'm stocking up on halloween themed pendants/charms/whatnots, rose jewelry, and feather jewelry. I'm hoping to sell a couple of the goldfish bowls. Everyone that sees them loves them, but all my friends are really poor :( So here's hoping other people will like them as well.

Oh I just found out that my sculpts are safe for fish tanks, so check back in my store for a number of aqaurium decorations to be posted.

I'm still working away on the costumes that have been commissioned by me. I'll post pictures of them soon so everyone can see how odd these are for lawyer clothes :)

That and I love the fairy wings I'm sewing, I'll have to make some giant monarch ones for myself so I can hunt down the venture bros.

Alright I'm off to update my etsy store


please check it out and feel free to email me at dragonkuh@aol.com if you have a request