Monday, January 5, 2009

Back from MAGfest with new inspiration and energy

I just back from the best convention experience of my life. Magfest 7 was like stepping into someone else's life for a weekend. The guests welcomed me like an old friend and it wasn't long before even this shy gal was laughing and playing with the best of them. I can't thank everyone at and for making me feel like family.

Besides the zombies and the comedy, I got some great face time with a formally invited guest at the con. A professional author's table was set up behind my table, because of the island set up we were using the same chair space. Robert Aldrich put up with kirby attacks, over the shoulder spying, and all of my other less than tolerable habits, and then took the time to give me some hard learned advice. If you want all of his sage wisdom you'll have to grab him at the next con he'll be at. I can't say enough kind things about guy, so check out his website

Anyway his input along with being surrounded by happy people who are doing what they love is kicking me into gear. My aunt asked me via email what art form I wanted to focus on. The answer is all of them. I'd like to think I've got a keen eye for charcoal drawing, but I also want to keep stretching the possiblities for cosplay with limited budgets. I want to perfect a realistic human form with sculpture, but I don't want to give up my tiny miniatures either. I will follow as many paths as I like, and since I decided that I feel the veil of creative block lifting in my mind.

I no longer will worry about if I'm working on the wrong project; if I must dedicate every last ounce of energy to one field alone. That worry was keeping me for accomplishing anything, and honestly I feel all of these can improve each other. The miniatures help me work on my detail for larger sculpts, the larger sculpts help me develop 3 dimensional cosplays from flat possibly impossible designs, and the drawing helps to understand the shades in a curve for realistic sculpting.

Now I need the work, I am burning with the hunt for the next commission, I actually sent off samples to Robert Aldrich begging to be used in a future book in his series. Here are the pictures I sent, feel free to comment below. The Tiger was drawn before my art class, everything else during.