Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yet another Halloween, and another reason I can't make it to the Richmond Zombie Walk. Every year it's the same! I recently got a new job behind the jewelry counter of very nice department store. This very nice store has me scheduled to work while the zombie walk is commencing, I swear one of these years I'll learn the date early enough to put in a day off.

In other news, I'm preparing for Halloween, I have no costume yet but I'll hit the patterns and see what jumps out at me. I'm thinking I'll dig into the Japanese trend of Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, basically victorian costume in black with a hint of ghoulishness. This appeals to me because I can rewear the costume at conventions, and I have a large amount of black fabric stashed in the wall of craft upstairs. Lots of ruffles, and tailoring, it should be fun :)

Anyone interested in Halloween themed goodies in my shop should hurry up and buy them as they will be deactivated and stashed away until next year after Halloween. I feel that my shop has a few too many items in it so I'm looking forward to clearing out the kinck knacks and bringing in new lines.

I'm off to work on custom rose earrings orders! Email me with any and all questions at

Thanks for reading!

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