Thursday, June 25, 2009

There is a Japanese Graphic Novel Series (or Manga for those in the know) that I have fallen madly in love with, a few years after they stopped printing it. So now I've been crawling all over anime convention dealer rooms asking about this fairly obscure manga that noone has.

Pet Shop of Horrors, it's a very episodic story, featuring stories of customers who buy from this strange pet store in Chinatown in NYC. Most of the stories feature either a mythical animal being given as a pet, or a normal enough animal that appears human to the customer. The stories range from tragic, to frightening, to romantic. Sometimes it's dependent on the customer not following 3 specific rules they agreed to when they purchased the animal (Gremlins anyone?), other times the customer was marked for death the moment they caught the animals attention. I being the awful romantic that I am, fall head over heels for the love stories. And I love the idea of animals being more active in the decision of where they live. The owner of the pet store doesn't sell an animal unless the animal approves of the customer.

So long story short I have 4 of a 10 volume series, and anyone who has the other 6 issues aren't selling! Oh woe is me! The worst part is my volumes are from random points in the series so I know some characters who havne't been introduced yet. I desperately want to hear the backstory of the little "lap ram" as I call him, who eats human flesh. He's adorable, about the size of a house cat, and constantly threatens to eat the customers, who wouldn't want to know that story?

So if anyone has copies and they're looking to sell, let me know! I love the twilight zone feel of these stories, and the ornately dressed and comic animals. Spread the word around! Maybe we can even work out a trade, a sculpt of your favorite animal from the series for the issues I don't have? Oh I'll stop my begging, until then please take a look at the item I'm most proud of in my shop.

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