Friday, June 26, 2009

Adventures in crafting!

This week we find our beautiful heroine hacking through the jungle of unsorted craft supplies. Only those who have dredged through the jungle truely know how dangerous the trek can be! But hark! What is that beautiful thing standing up out of the darkness? Ancient ruins? A monolith left by aliens? Pocky? No! It's a 5 shelf, adjustable, chrome plated shelving unit!!! It will bring peace and civility to the jungle that is the craft space. Or at least it will allow me to reach my clothes in th emonring without stepping blindly into forgotten scissors land. Check out this awesome birthday present I got to make me more productive than ever!

And don't be silly of course we got the bacardi box from the liquor store, (that's a great resource for boxes for all of your the run out of packing boxes so quickly!)

The Hop Devil, Victory Brewery box on the other hand.... yeah, we drank that.

Hey look! In the top right hand corner of the picture you can see my pumpkin drawing! And on the left side you can see all of the torsos of the Gobbleskat plushes I made for X-Strike Studios

All silliness aside, I'm doing a horrible job of attempting to get back on a normal sleeping schedule, and should hit the sack soon. But I wanted to show the results of me playing with my embossing materials (the ones I scored at a yardsale for 10% of their value!) I love the outcome, but when I look at the pictures I see all the errors and smudges I ignored at first.

So they may not be ready for retail, but I think they're a darn good step in the right direction and I love how two of them turned out, the first one I'm putting up in the etsy shop the second I'm keeping for myself. The rest I haven't decided what to do with. Maybe I'll offer one as a prize to the first person who shows me how to add pictures to a blog without having to drag them through the entire document!


2 comments: said...

Ahhhh! You have a fern image!
That is a beautiful pendant, are you using resin or acrylic to seal your embossed pieces?

Love the marbled look too!

Magnolia Fern Studios said...

I haven't sealed it at all, I just ordered some Diamond Glaze as your tutorial suggested I do!

I told you I was a beginner!