Monday, July 6, 2009

Buisness tip was a fluke, the person never paid so I had to cancel the sale. So my little watermelon slices continue to receive no love. Oh well.

Things are quiet in my world right now, I'm bashing through thousands of unfinished projects that have been literally sitting around for months. Fixing seams of clothing for friends, sorting and storing seasonal goods that noone will be interested in until winter, and desperately trying to complete the commissions.

Had some friends over for a classic gaming night Sunday, and we got farther in the classical Castlevania game than we ever had before (for those nongamers, the game is for a console that came out in 1985, a true classic) and the house is obsessed with classics. My sister is playing through a 10 year old zelda game, and screaming and enjoying it as much as when we first got it.

Now I'm running back to work, just wanted to update the blog quickly!

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